My Founding Story

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When you're in the business of careers and recruitment, it's easy to get stuck talking about all-things professional like achievements, results and job titles.

Take me for example. I often refer to my professional background – the 20 years that I've been recruiting for well-known brands, the high-profile searches, and everything else that you'd expect from someone with my background.

It's not to impress you – it's what I did.

Truth is, like so many, my career path was more down to luck than judgement.

I was an art student that loved fashion and shopping, a teacher who set up a retail training department and someone who just so happened to be good at recruitment.

But when I stepped into the world of executive search I realised that the rules had changed and maybe my luck had too.

I'd gone from being the decision-maker to a consultant and influencer.

But luckily I had two things in my favour:

I wasn't scared of hard work.

Failure wasn't an option.

I applied both of these things in heavy doses and took myself out for a pep-talk every single lunchtime. Thank goodness for Primrose Hill!

I arrived early, stayed late, broke tradition by opening the office at weekends and over the Christmas holiday. Eventually, I was called a 'rainmaker'.

Then I fell in love with yoga and trained to be a yoga teacher.

The course made me question life and work. I'd never thought of my work as a job, it was a career. But for a so-called yogi, I was seriously out of balance.

Eventually, after a few twists and turns, I reached a crossroads. I knew it was time to get help so I hired a coach – those big decisions can't be taken lightly!

In 2014 I crossed the threshold and launched Tracy Short & Co.

Today, I help companies to recruit great people and I coach senior executives – mainly from fashion, luxury and creative companies – on how to nail interviews and land great jobs. It's not about status, fancy reports or documents – just good work.

Turns out my career services are a bit of game-changer!

I'm straight-talking, professional, insightful and wise, and I value integrity, trust and fun.

Some people have described working with me as challenging at times, rewarding and also fun. I’ll take that!