Does your job search need to be more strategic?

You know that it's competitive at your level but you don't remember job-hunting being this tough.

You're not getting the offers you want.  You've started applying for jobs you could do with your eyes closed.

You're not short on experience but with concerns creeping in your confidence has taken a hit.

That's where I can help with personalised guidance and one-to-one sessions.

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Career services for you


Accelerate your search process, nail interviews, increase your earning potential and land your next role.

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My signature career process. The Shape-up is a short but effective career programme. A health check for your career.

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For when you're stuck in a rut, at a crossroads, or feel like you're running out of options.

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Got an important interview coming up? Want to feel confident but not over-rehearsed? Book in for a ‘prepare and practice’ session with a difference.

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Unique services that you won’t get from a conventional career coach or executive recruiter.

 If you want to find out more about how I can help your career read my blog, check out my LinkedIn page or book a discovery call.

Career coaching

"Professional, caring, 100% dedicated and as well as being tough it was also fun, Tracy made this experience really special for me."


The Career Shape-Up Programme


The Career Shape-up programme is a short but action-packed process to get you ready for a job-search. It really is a ‘must-do’!

If you’re serious about your career, check-in every year for a career refresh and polish up.

Update and refresh your CV, spruce up your LinkedIn profile and learn how to be more visible to recruiters. Get my insider tips on how to stand out as a great candidate.

Give yourself a confidence boost and an advantage in a competitive market.

We work on Zoom or Skype so don’t let distance put you off. And if you’re still not sure, take a look at the things my coaching clients say about me.

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An insider’s guide:

how to get your career in shape…

You’ll get honest, straightforward advice and the feedback you need to move forward. I’ll help you to bring your career story to life, create a CV that people want to read and ensure that you feel better prepared, market ready and more confident.


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The Career Shape-Up – What You Get: 

  • Polish-up your CV ready for meetings

  • A general interview practice session

  • Learn how to introduce yourself on the telephone, at meetings, and networking and industry events with impact

  • How to use LinkedIn (let’s break some rules)

  • Personalised career advice and guidance


Step one

Clarity & Interview

(one hour )

We’ll review your current situation, set goals and run through a general interview process to gather good career storytelling material.

Step two

Your Experience

(one hour)

I’ll review your CV with you then we can get into – interviews, networking, telephone screening & coffee meetings. You’ll get some practise and feedback on how to improve.

Step three

Marketing Material

(one hour)

 By session three your CV will be looking in better shape so we can move onto LinkedIn. I’ll review your profile and give you ‘insider’ tips on how to use the platform to your advantage.

Step four


(30 minutes)

 You’ll feel a shift in momentum from this work and you’ll want to keep it up. I’ll be checking in with you 3/4 weeks later to see how you’re doing and to help you stay focused.


On every call you’ll be given feedback and direction. The process is personalised and we will make time for Q&A if needed. After each call, you’ll be given homework exercises to keep the flow between sessions.

The financial investment for The Career Shape-up is £995.00.

It includes 3 Zoom (or Skype) sessions and 'homework’ for you to do between sessions. We’ll wrap up with an action plan. Three to four weeks later I’ll follow up to see how you’re ‘shaping up’.

Interested in getting your career on track?