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Career Accelerator service

There's much more to landing that top job than looking good on paper or sounding well-rehearsed in an interview. It's about having true confidence in the way that you communicate and present yourself as the right person for the role.

When you're aiming high, professionalism, confidence and authenticity are essential.

If you're ready to fast-track your search for the right role, or you're just fed up with wasting time and energy not getting the offers you want, I can help.

With more than 20 years' experience recruiting key positions, consulting for companies, and guiding and shaping careers – I know what it takes to be successful. I've downloaded this experience and 'insider' knowledge into a career coaching and consulting service – The Career Accelerator.

Career coach

“Knowing Tracy's impressive background in executive search, it was great to be coached by someone with a first-class reputation that doesn't take prisoners!”


The Career Accelerator is a tried and tested process and it’s a total game changer!

With me onboard as co-driver, coach, cheerleader and objective voice of reason my clients nail interviews and land roles.

They go from thinking that they have no choice to having multiple choices, they discover the ease of selling when they know how to position themselves, they increase their earning potential and land bigger jobs.

The process has been described as challenging at times, rewarding and also fun. I’ll take that!

Career coaching services

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