How I can help you and your career

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With so many coaches, recruiters and career experts out there – how do you decide which is the best one for you?

For me, when it comes to picking a coach I tend to go for someone who has a deep understanding of their subject then I follow them, check out their work and eventually have a conversation.

So maybe you’ve seen my profile on LinkedIn or remember me from a past-life career – are you checking me out? I hope so.

Meanwhile here’s some information about my career services and if you’re interested in finding out more let’s talk.

Career Strategy Session

If you’re feeling lost on your career path, hit a brick wall, stuck in a rut or simply want to weigh up your options join me on a Career Strategy Session. In under two hours, I'll help you to find the clarity you need to move forward and we’ll create an action plan to help you progress with more ease.

The Career Shape-up

My signature programme – a short but action-packed programme designed to get you market-ready!

A must-do if you want to feel prepared and in the right mindset to start the process of finding your next challenge. Also described as a confidence booster.

Senior Level Interview Preparation Session

How you show up as a candidate for important meetings and interviews can be deal-breaker.

I’m sure every career coach offers ‘mock’ interview services. You can understand the value of being warmed up but this process goes way beyond that. I’ll teach you how to prepare using executive search techniques and using a unique process that I’ve developed. You will not get this service from a traditional career coach or recruiter!

Those big roles are like gold dust – can you afford to wing it?

The Career Accelerator

My personal favourite where I share my insider tips and tricks about executive recruitment.

I’ve created this process so that I can teach you everything you need to know to be successful in nailing interviews and landing your next role. From positioning yourself in meetings and interviews, elevating your profile and increasing your earning potential – I’ve got you covered!

Private LinkedIn Training

Want to learn how to maximise your LinkedIn profile for your career?

Having a Linkedin profile is not enough.

In this action-packed session (which you can do over a lunch break) I'll teach you how to use LinkedIn to boost your personal brand and how to be more attractive to recruiters. It's the quickest way I can add value to your career and work life.

Get in Touch

You'll notice, I don't have a 'BUY' button on my website – it's not self-service. I want to know who I'm working with and I'm sure you do too so let's have a conversation about you and your career.