How to 'Marie Kondo' your Career

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After doing a bit of a 'Marie Kondo' on all things digital at Tracy Short & Co HQ it struck me that career coaching is a decluttering process (or can be).

Whilst I’m no wardrobe clearing expert I do know a thing or two about careers.

Like Kondo, I won’t do it for you but I will give the guidance, support and accountability needed to get the job done.

Are you a fan of decluttering?

I recently tackled the digital snake pit I’d been putting off forever.

I was glued to my laptop. The husband wisely gave me a wide berth. Strong language was used at times. It nearly broke me but I refused to give up.

When I eventually emerged I was on a digitally-cleansed-high.

An ah-ha moment!

Towards the end of my own decluttering process, it dawned on me that I'd been helping my clients to do theirs!

In case you weren’t aware, I'm an executive career coach and headhunter. I use my experience and ‘insider’ perspective to teach my clients how to successfully communicate and market their expertise and personal brand. (This involves helping you to let go of the excess so that you stay on point).

What’s involved in a career declutter anyway?

  • We get rid of outdated CVs and profiles to make space for modern marketing materials

  • We eliminate clutter, jargon and waffle

  • We let go of out-of-date career stories and anecdotes and replace them with the type of content that recruiters and company directors want to hear

  • We uncover the hidden gems that were forgotten or overlooked

  • We let go of old mindsets that no longer serve us!

Career decluttering is not for everyone

Your CV needs updating, your interview skills are rusty and your LinkedIn profile is dormant. You’ve got so much experience you don’t know where to start.

You could opt for a quick fix – get someone else to write your CV and profile. Or make do with what you've already got. But what if you're still in the same position a year from now? Fingers crossed for those interviews!

Alternatively, you get help and that's where I come in.

Career decluttering can get messy!

If you’ve been watching Marie Kondo on Netflix this will all make perfect sense.

In one episode there’s a woman with the biggest mountain of clothes Marie had ever.

I’m not spoiling anything by telling you that Marie insists that if you want to learn her method and gain the benefits you’ve got to follow the system. Rule number one is getting all of your clothes out on the bed and having a good look at what you’ve accumulated.

Just imagine a wardrobe which hasn’t been sorted in 20+ years!

All those looks and trends that have been and gone (and never coming back). The bobbly jumpers. The things that don’t fit, were never worn, the items you’d forgotten you ever owned.

Career baggage

Thinking about it it’s easy to see how a career of 15-20 years’ could also benefit from decluttering.

Looking back over your career is not always pretty but Kondo style, we go through the lot. Nothing is stuffed to the back of the wardrobe or the junk drawer. It's no good going to an interview with old baggage.

After clearing through her horrendous mountain of stuff, the woman on the programme was left with a wardrobe of clothes that felt good, there was space in her house and a spring in her step to enjoy life.

Career decluttering can be tough but it’s also rewarding.

According to my clients, they don't just feel better prepared to land the next job, they feel good about themselves and confident in their careers too.

I'm sorry but I'm not on Netflix (yet).

The Career Shape-up is a short executive career coaching process that I've designed based on my 'insider' knowledge as an executive headhunter. I teach my clients how to market and promote their skills and expertise to recruiters and directly to companies to land the top jobs. We usually start by letting go of old stories, outdated CVs and general career decluttering.

Tracy Short & Co offers executive career coaching, recruitment & talent services, and exclusive networking meet-ups.

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