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If you’re job seeking or want to get headhunted LinkedIn is the go-to-site. But being on LinkedIn and having a profile isn’t enough.

As well as having written 50+ articles for LinkedIn I regularly post career advice and tips.

Here are my top five micro-tips to help you get the most out of LinkedIn for your career.

Tip No. 1 : Are you findable on LinkedIn?

It’s hard to stand out on a busy platform so if you’re using LinkedIn for job seeking make sure you’ve got a ‘searchable’ headline and that your profile is up-to-date.

Recruiters search LinkedIn using keywords, job titles, companies, sector and location to qualify candidates.

Your profile will get lost amongst a sea of sameness so always aim to have a clear headline that explains what you do and for what industry.

Make sure you can be found!


Tip No.2: Use your LinkedIn profile like a landing page

Treat your LinkedIn profile as you would a landing page or the about page of your website.

Don't duplicate your CV in your LinkedIn summary and don't write about yourself in the third person (that's just wrong!!).

Use your profile to market what you do and which sector & companies you typically work for/with.

Include a call-to-action and your contact details.


Tip No.3: Get active and get noticed!


Once upon a time, when LinkedIn was like a dusty old filing cabinet, as a job seeker, you wouldn't do much more than set up a LinkedIn profile.

But LinkedIn has moved on and so should you.

If you want to get noticed (after you’ve maxed out your headline and your profile page) it’s time to get active!

The easiest way to start is by engaging with posts on the newsfeed. Most of them will be from people you know so give them a like or a comment (let them know you're there).


Tip No.4: Build your network


We know that being on LinkedIn could be good for your career so let's talk about how to make the most of it.

Sitting looking pretty isn't enough (and I’m not referring to your headshot!). You've got to ‘get out there’ and this means networking on the newsfeed.

You also need to build your network.

There are different approaches to this but I follow my own rules.  My criteria for accepting requests is down to sector relevance, mutual connections and LinkedIn activity.

Aim for at least 500 connections.



Tip No.5: It’s not rocket science


There are loads of ‘LinkedIn experts’ out there but it’s really not rocket science.

If you’re worried about posting or commenting take a back seat for a while and follow what’s going on.

You can always ask me if you need some help.



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