How to get visible on LinkedIn and why you need to

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Whether you’re a consultant, small business owner, or an employed service provider I can’t think of a reason for not using LinkedIn as a channel to market and promote your expertise and brand.

For a start it’s free.

And with more than 522M users – but only 0.2% of its users publishing content regularly – you can see why it’s got the potential to be an important platform for your brand. (By the way, I've borrowed those numbers from LinkedIn influencer and strategist Tim Queen)

Did you know that LinkedIn has been transformed?

It's lost its boring corporate image of yesteryear (at last) and is no longer seen as the place to upload your CV and walk away from until you need a job.

LinkedIn has had a makeover – it's been dusted off and revamped. And it's not all down to a new interface and functions – it's got a new generation of LinkedIn users (and they’re not all millennials!).

The platform has shapeshifted into ‘the’ business social site and that's good news for you.


How LinkedIn can help you:

•    A tool for visibility and brand awareness

•    A vehicle to showcase your expertise

•    A place to build and nurture your network and relationships


How to use LinkedIn for the know, like and trust factor:

With commitment and consistency you can use the platform to share your voice and your knowledge.

To be strategic you'll want to create and share relevant content in the form of stories, posts, articles, comments (and video) to help your audience get to know you and your brand better.


Now for the practical bit:

Here's a simple formula that you can use to build up visibility and brand awareness:

Step one

Spend a few days watching what’s going on in your news feed so you can see who’s posting and what’s being posted

Step two

Start ‘liking’ posts that you relate to (this will highlight to your network the things that interest you)

Step three

Find an article about your industry or service that you like and share it

Step four

Repeat steps one to three

Step five

Start to comment on other posts where you have an opinion (again your network will see this)


Step six

Create a post and share it and when other people comment on your post be sure to reply


Step seven

Write an article (it takes longer to write an article – I'd stick to daily posting instead for now).


I'd love to know if this has inspired you to make 2018 the year that you crack LinkedIn.


I'll be waiting to see you pop up in the feed over there!

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