How do you talk about a job that didn’t work out?

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I’m not breaking any secrets when I say that people generally find talking about redundancy quite difficult. The same applies to jobs that didn’t quite work out.

It’s not so much that it ‘looks bad on the CV’. It’s more of a problem when it comes to talking about it at interviews and meetings.

Some work and career stories aren’t easy to tell – even for natural storytellers. 

Judgment (particularly our own) can knock self-confidence at every level and I often get asked about the stigma associated with redundancy and ‘job hopping’ when people move quickly from one role to the next.

Of course, there will be circumstances surrounding your departure ­– but knowing how to communicate them is a bit of an art form.

Occasionally you get someone who handles it really well. But if there is self-doubt, or repeated bad luck, chances are you’re not going to come across well. 

So what can you do?

First, you’ve got to get this demon out and have a look at it. Pretending it doesn’t exist won’t help. It will continue lurking around waiting to trip you up.

You need to understand why it’s knocking your confidence so you can overcome it.

Then, you’ve got to practise how you talk about it, but in a safe non-judgmental environment.

I recommend working with someone you trust who can coach you through this and help you to see the bigger picture. It’s a tough market out there and you need to sell yourself and tell your story better today than ever before. 

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