How to get recruiters to fall in love with you (Valentine's Day Special)

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Recruiters aren’t just for Christmas, or Valentine’s Day, or when you’re looking for a job.

Perhaps you feel the same. Getting a bit fed up with recruiters only speaking to you when they want something?

Trouble is we’re all time poor and trying our best. 

Let’s forget about that and spread a bit of love today – just for fun!

I’m sharing my love in the form of my 7 top tips to soften those recruiters up before you go on to build better, long-lasting relationships!


Tip 1 - Don't be coy when you get a call or message from a recruiter do respond even if it's just to get on their radar.  

I get it – you’re getting too many calls from the wrong type of recruiters. So you will need to make a judgement call and decide if they have the right experience first. 

And what if you’re not looking? Well, that leads me nicely to tips 2, 3 & 4.

Tip 2 - Be helpful – if it’s not the right timing or opportunity for you – don’t you know someone you can recommend? You could be helping someone with their career – that's a great thing to do.

The executive search industry relies on its trusted network and sources. That's how they'll find you!

Tip 3 - Keep open minded – a good consultant should be able to help you to shape up your career so it should be worth listening (unless they’re just doing a hard sell!).

Tip 4- Recruiters often work on confidential assignments – you could be missing out on your ideal next role!

Tip 5 - Boost your LinkedIn profile with a great headshot profile photo and use keywords in your headline to help you stand out online.

Tip 6 - Maintain a short updated version of your CV and keep it ready to fire off.  You'll stand out as efficient and professional.

Tip 7 - Make a list of recommended recruiters in your network.  There are plenty of ways to introduce yourself other than sending your CV and asking for a meeting. This tactic might work but what if it doesn't?  Chocolates are better.

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