Career Coaching for Grown-ups

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If the idea of career coaching ‘turns you off’ keep reading…

I get it!

Isn’t career coaching something that you have when you’re at school?

You’ve heard of coaching being part of redundancy packages but surely someone with your experience doesn’t need career coaching?

You don’t need coaching – just a bit of luck and a decent job offer!

 But what if you’re getting frustrated and it feels like your luck is running out?

 You know that jobs at your level are few and far between.

 You’ve had a few interviews but you were pipped to the post and you’re not sure why.

 You’re worried that you’re being overlooked and your confidence has taken a knock.


Well, that’s when career coaching can help

If you’re sporty or play a musical instrument I bet you wouldn’t think twice about working with a teacher or coach to improve your technique so why not do it for your career?

It's not that you don't deserve it, you work hard and there's nothing wrong with wanting a better job.

Most senior directors have an executive coach so why not hire one to help you navigate career transitions and recruitment processes so you can give it your best?

So just imagine...

How you’d feel if you were going to interviews feeling 100% confident in your unique skills and experience.

You knew the best type of company fit for you and you weren’t prepared to settle for second best.

You’re good at what you do but you don’t like selling yourself. So you’ve learnt how to tell your career story in a language that recruiters need to hear and it doesn’t even feel like selling!

Career Coaching is for Grown-ups

Call it what you like – career services, consultancy, or coaching. It doesn’t really matter but if you want to stand out in a crowded market for all the right reasons get in touch.

I’ve been consulting for companies and guiding careers for more than 20 years. I know what it takes to be successful in interviews and I’m happy to tell you where you’re going wrong (assuming you want to know) and how to up your game!

I call it career coaching for the grown-ups.

Want to land that dream job in 2019?

Book in for an exploratory conversation.



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