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Personal brand is the one thing that will make you stand out in a crowded industry and marketplace. No matter what you’re offering, your personal brand is the thing making you unique, memorable and all-round awesome.

And the beauty of personal brand is that you can cultivate one.


The result?


You’ll become (even more) recognisable and memorable. Your personal brand is the reason people will seek you out, or stay away! 


It’s your personal brand that companies ‘buy into’ when you’re shortlisted and get offered a job.


Sure, they want some of that experience and ‘know-how’ that you’ve got but they’re buying into you!


So, getting clear on your brand is vital.


You can start by looking at your values as they play a part.


You can ask friends, colleagues, family for feedback.


Personal brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room!


For me, it’s also about confidence and being authentic.

You can hear when someone is ‘acting’ and you wonder why.

Are they trying to cover something up?

When you’re uncomfortable about that redundancy, that blip on your CV, the fact that you’re not happy at work but you’re stuck there it will show. Rather than try to cover it up you need to do a bit of work on your communication style.


But its’s not unusual for people to lack self-awareness. A recent client told me that he didn’t like talking about himself. The funny thing was he did it constantly and he wasn’t portraying his seniority as a result

But after we’d worked on his technique and he got clear on his value and how to communicate it he landed the perfect job and salary increase to match.

Another client, a marketing director, acknowledged me publicly following a successful collaboration between H&M and GP&J Baker.


“Thanks to Tracy Short for helping me define my personal brand…Tracy helped me to focus on my USP which is to blow the ‘dust off heritage brands through partnerships and collaborations”


So, you can see how important it is to cultivate your brand

It will improve your luck.


Recently, I teamed up with personal brand and messaging expert, Gwendi Klisa. We co-hosted a workshop on all of this and it was eye-opening.


Gwen walked us through the very same five step process that she follows with her personal clients. It’s a process of self-study which complements my approach to career coaching.


If you’d like to find out about Gwen check out her Love Brand website.


She’s got a fun quiz and report to uncover your natural work style and great tips on how to improve.


Let’s compare notes when you’ve done it.


And if you’re ready to work on your personal brand with me… get in touch!

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