The Power of your Personal Brand

Entirely Catherine Photography

Entirely Catherine Photography

We know that when you cultivate a personal brand you’ll stand out. Not in a fake, try hard way but because your confidence and authenticity will shine through.

Getting clear on your USP and how you market your experience is essential for career success and it’s included in my career programmes. So, I was delighted when personal brand and messaging expert, Gwendi Klisa, agreed to co-host a workshop with me.

Gwen (Gwendi) works primarily with entrepreneurs and small business owners. She helps them to use their personal brand to gain a competitive advantage in a crowded market place. She's also a tutor at Central Saint Martins 

On the day

The workshop was a lively affair. We’d sold out within a few days of releasing the details and our guests (retail directors, luxury specialists, marketing and communications experts, a journalist and curator) were hungry to learn.

Gwen walked us through a five-step process that she shares with her personal clients.

The exercises were thought provoking and designed to unleash your personality, voice, strength and quirks.

I added the executive search consultant/ career coach perspective to the conversation.

Entirely Catherine Photography

Entirely Catherine Photography

This is what we learnt from Gwen

1) Clarity – get clear on your strengths, interests, challenges and the back stories that have shaped you.

Find out how other people would describe you too.

2) Get to know your 'who' and your 'why'. For business owners this means getting clear on your customer and the problems you solve for them and when it comes to your career it’s all about ‘fit’ and your USP.


3) We did some deep work on archetypes and this is something I'm definitely going to explore further. I’m convinced we had an Explorer, Magician, Hero, Creator, Ruler and Sage around that table.


4) We also learnt a Secret Formula to bring this knowledge and information together.


5) The fifth step was how to implement the process.


There was time to chat, exchange news and make new connections and plenty to get our teeth into thanks to Gwen’s interactive workshop. The two hours flew by!


Luckily though she sent us off with homework so we can continue to fine tune our personal brands.

Entirely Catherine Photography

Entirely Catherine Photography


Breakfast with Tracy


The workshop was part of the ‘Breakfast with Tracy’ meetups – a series of exclusive networking events.


By the way, if you’re not familiar with my meetups – they’re for people who have an aversion to those traditional networking events (where everyone does a one-minute sales pitches and you’ve got to watch out for sharp elbows!)



More information

If you’d like to find out more about Gwen’s work and how she can help your personal brand you can find her on Love Brand with Gwendi Klisa.

The photographs were taken by Gwen’s photographer Catherine from Entirely Catherine Photography.


For more information and personal invitations to ‘Breakfast with Tracy’ events contact me we’d love to see you there.


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