Want a new job? Don’t go to a recruiter

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In fact, that’s the very last thing you should do.

Yes, seriously!

Speaking to a recruiter to find out ‘What’s out there?’ might whet your appetite, but it should only play a small part in your career campaign. 

Whether you’re between roles or you’ve outgrown your current one, try leaving the recruiter bit until later. 

You've got work to do first.

When I’m working with my Career Shape-up clients (people who use my insight and experience as an executive search consultant to navigate the confusing waters of the recruitment industry) I take them through a carefully designed process. It’s not linear because I don’t believe in ‘one-size-fits-all’. But there are certain things that we always cover.

I'd love to help you with your career strategy, so I've created a checklist with some of my top tips to help you get started, which I’ll link to at the end.


Your Career Strategy

Start with a do want/don’t want list.

Sounds simple and it is but it will help you to identify the best type of companies and culture fit for you. 
On a piece of paper make two columns. Label them do want and don't want. Then fill them in with your heart's desires (and aversions).
If you're having trouble getting started – list everything you don't want first and then write the opposite in the do want column.

Getting it out of your head and on to paper will help you think clearly.

Next, dust off your CV. 

Edit down the early career part and smarten up your recent experiences. Get it up-to-date and ready to fire off when needed.

Tidy up your LinkedIn profile and get up-to-speed with your connections.

Now you're ready for a quick S.W.O.T, analysis of your skills/experience and the current market.

You can do this in your head during the daily commute or, better still, make a few notes so you can see it in black and white.

Do your research and compile a list of companies you could work for (keeping in mind the do want and don't want results).

Make a list of ex-colleagues, bosses, mentors, friends and personal contacts from your network that could help you with leads and advice.

If you’re not working with a coach you're missing a trick (especially if you've been out of the game or not looked for a new role in a while). They can help you fine-tune your pitch and increase your confidence before you start having interviews. 

Once you’ve completed these tasks you'll find that working with a good recruiter is the cherry on the cake.

By following these steps you’ll feel a lot more confident and in control of your career, you won't need to rely on the recruitment industry to find you work, and you're going to reconnect with friends and colleagues that you enjoyed working with in the past.


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