Get ready for a reboot

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Are you thinking about rebooting or upgrading your career this year?

Maybe it’s been on your mind for a while – you’re just waiting for the right thing to come along. Problem is the opportunities at your level are few and far between and it seems that other people are getting the roles that have ‘got your name on’.

You know there are factors out of your control but surely there’s something you can do to improve your luck?

The lucky ones that get those jobs might lack some of your experience but chances are they perform better in interviews. Unfortunately, you won't get that feedback. You'll be told that the other person pipped you on culture fit or skills but you'll never know for sure.

Well, what if I told you it is possible to increase your chances of success and it's not a numbers game it just takes a bit of practice?

Knowing how to pitch your experience is a bit of an art and if you've been out of the game for a while (or you're anxious about not having a job) you're probably not going to present yourself in the best light.

Would you like to improve your pitch to recruiters and company directors without feeling slimy? 

For the brave and determined I’ve designed a unique career programme. It’s a highly-personalised four-part process, where you’ll get help and direction using my insider’s perspective (executive search consultant) and knowledge. Designed to teach you how to market yourself plus you’ll get honest advice and straightforward feedback. And if you’re getting in your own way I’ll help you with that too.

But if you’re short on time but just as determined I’ve got a Career Shake-up that does have your name on it!

In two-action packed Skype sessions the Shake-up will help you to get focused and improve your performance in interviews.

  • I’ll tell you what a recruiter is looking for in a CV and how to create one they’ll want to read

  • I’ll give you honest feedback about how you really come across in an interview and tips on how to improve

  • I’ll give you exercises (homework) to help you to find the best material for your CV and for interview situations

  • I’ll tell you how to get more out of LinkedIn

  • I’ll give you reassurance that you can ask me questions about the recruitment process and your career in the strictest confidence

    So if you're ready to get ahead of your competition, be better prepared for interviews and feel more confident in your search, sign up with me today.



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