The Summer Shape-up (is back)

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If you're looking for a new role you've probably noticed that things have slowed down over the summer – but that doesn't mean you have to.

September is just around the corner and with the new season and back-to-school mood – other people will also be thinking about finding new roles, and that means more competition.

The Summer Shape-up was created specifically for people who want to give their career a boost over the summer (while everyone else is in holiday mode).

Not only will you get feedback about how you really come across in an interview (which is often lacking) – you're going to feel better prepared and more confident knowing what you need to work on.

And that can give you an edge.

You've done all the obvious steps - contacted people in your network, updated your LinkedIn profile and started meeting with recruiters and companies.

So, rather than resign yourself to a long waiting game, imagine how much better you'd feel if you were doing something to improve your chances of success.

When it comes to CVs and interview skills I still see (and hear) the same mistakes made time and time again. Sometimes it's just a case of a few simple tweaks that will make all the difference. Tweaks that friends and family don't pick up on.

I know that signing up for a career coaching programme can feel like a big commitment but this is a short, fast-paced process and I'm convinced that with feedback (and a bit of homework) you'll have more chance of success in interviews.

Stop wasting opportunities, feel better prepared and more confident.

The Summer Shape-up is back and available during the month of August for interview practice and CV feedback.

The limited edition shape-up includes general interview practice and a CV review. You'll have personalised feedback and recommendations on how to improve both.

Your session will be interview-based – I'll give you direct feedback on how you can improve the way you talk about your experience when you're interviewing with recruiters and companies. I'll also review your CV and LinkedIn profile ahead of our call and tell you how you can improve both. 

To make this affordable and accessible I'm offering this one-off service for £250.00 which includes one 90 minute Skype session with me and my take-away recommendations that you can work through on a sun lounger.

If you want to spend longer working on your career strategy check out my signature programme The Career Shape-up

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